Album art for "Ultrasonic," featuring Le Louvre

DJ Shadowclaw has created a few mixes, but is still not a major artist.

Daft RelayEdit

Daft Relay was the first mix by DJ Shadowclaw. It only contains songs by Daft Punk. This mix is the mix that convinced him to become a DJ. It is amateurish, but was just to see if he had the ability to properly mix music. This mix is not available publicly.


DaFast was DJ Shadowclaw's second mix. It is still full of mistakes, but was another attempt to see if he was capable of mixing. This mix is better mixed than Daft Relay and contains songs by more artists. This mix is not available publicly.

Da BeatEdit

Da Beat was the third mix by DJ Shadowclaw. It is currently the best mix by DJ Shadowclaw. This mix contains the most songs of all the mixes. It has many gaps between songs due to preoccupation and is the longest mix, around an hour long (double the length of Daft Relay and Dafast). This mix is not publicly available.


Ultrasonic is the latest mix by DJ Shadowclaw and is currently in development. It is the only mix that has an album cover (for an album of mixes).

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