This mix took 16 minutes (approx.), is by far my shortest mix, and is my first publicly available mix. Sorry for the bad quality. I don't feel like contacting Wikia for a .mp3 uploading ability. This is at the quality of a telephone (seriously, that is what the converter told me!). It sounds like everything is muffled. It's not meant to be. Send me a message if you want the full (10 times better) quality mix. For now, I have this. Comment on the "Discussion" page please. Also, any comment without a rating of the mix (not flaming me too harshly please- I'm just 16 and was 15 at the time) will be reviewed by me and deleted if I see fit (most likely, I will). It is my 2nd worst mix.

Update: The better quality file will now be put up here.

Update: I cannot upload the file, its size is too big, so I'm getting an error saying that it's empty. I'll put up a link and more info later.

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